• But many patients find the current system challenging due to:

    - Impressions needed for custom made trays

    - Messy Gel

    - Wearing Trays for more than 30 minutes a day
    - Tooth Sensitivity & Gum Irritation

    - Multiple Visits to the Dental Practice

That's why, Colgate have introduced a new Professional Whitening System!

Colgate Max White Luminous:

- Produces dramatically whiter teeth in just 10 days!*
- Results in low sensitivity & gum irritation
- Doesn't require impressions or custom trays
- Is easy to apply with our no mess application pen
- Patients can start on the day of their initial consultation
- Only needs to be worn for 10 minutes a day

  • How does it work?

    Colgate Max White Luminous has 3 stand out features that differentiate it from existing professional whitening solutions currently in the market.

To see more about the product and how to use it, watch the video below!

* 10 minutes a day for 10 days. Use as directed. † UK Home Use Test. n=104 completed surveys.

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