How to make whitening more profitable?

  1. Ensure that you have an appropriate pricing structure. There is lots to consider when deciding what price structure is best for your practice, including:
  • Promotional pricing - to get people through the door of your practice. Experiment with different promotions and decide which performs best for your practice and patient base. This can be at the point of sale in your practice, based on patient loyalty or together with product bundling, e.g., orthodontics with free whitening included.
  • Competitor-based pricing - this doesn't always mean being the least expensive. Consider what you deliver compared to your competitors, and whether you offer a premium service that justifies a higher price.
  1. Intelligent buying. Make sure your costs don't start spiraling, and be strategic with your purchases. Take advantage of discounts and promotional offers.
  2. Know your products and make sure the whole dental team is trained on whitening, in order to be able to answer patient questions. Make sure to have solutions for potential issues or side effects, for example, a product a patient can use if they have sensitivity during treatment, and selecting a product that has been shown to minimize sensitivity.
  3. Market whitening in different ways, from posters in the dental office, social media content, patient literature in the waiting room or even videos played in the waiting room.

With the popularity and results of tooth whitening, this is a beneficial opportunity for your practice and your patients.