Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the new Luminous Professional Whitening Take Home kit?

- Colgate Luminous is a combination of two multi-patented breakthrough technologies that synergistically provide a comfortable and effective whitening experience.

- The Precision Pen contains a patented whitening serum that dries into a durable hydrogen peroxide film and is designed for little to no tooth sensitivity, gum irritation, and no mess.

- The Patented LED Device accelerates whitening with 410 nm wavelength of light for faster, better results.

How does the new technology work?

- The Precision Pen contains a patented serum that, once brushed on, quickly forms a smudge-proof, durable hydrogen peroxide film on your teeth.

- There is little to no tooth sensitivity, little to no gum irritation, and no mess. The Patented LED Light Device then uses a 410 nm wavelength light to accelerate the whitening process.

- This synergy between the formula and the device allows for dramatically whiter teeth in just 10 minutes a day when used as directed.

How long does the treatment take?

- The LED device is designed to be used for 10 minutes per day.

- Once each treatment is over, the device will beep twice and the power button will automatically turn off. After removing the device, simply go to sleep. The serum on the teeth will continue to work overnight as you sleep.

- Repeat this process once a day for a minimum 10 days or as directed by the dental professional.

- Reduced chair time is required as there is no need to make custom trays.

Do I need to make custom trays?

- No, Luminous Professional Whitening Take Home does not require custom trays.

- The serum is applied as a liquid and quickly turns into a solid, creating a waterproof customized application on the tooth.

- The mouthpiece does not hold the serum and is only to enhance the peroxide activity; the design will fit almost everyone.

How white will my patient’s teeth get?

- In clinical studies, the mean shade change vs average baseline using the 29 shade VITA 3D-Master Bleached Guide Shade Rank was on average seven shades after 10 days of treatment.

- Individual results vary, depending on starting tooth shade and the patient's habits and diet.

What is included in one starter kit?

 Each take-home starter kit includes: 

• 1 patented LED whitening device 

• 1 patented 6% hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening serum pen

• 1 device charging case, USB-c cord

• Instructions for use

What do I do if I have questions about my order?

- If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

- Or visit our contact us page and get in touch via the form.

Why do I need to log in?

- As this product contains 6% Hydrogen Peroxide, we need to ensure that the information on this site is only seen by dental professionals. Registering and logging in helps us to validate that you are a dental professional.

- Patient friendly information can be found here.

Why can I only buy 2 cases at a time?

- To ensure all practices are able to use New Colgate Luminous, we are currently limiting orders to a maximum of 2 cases (8 starter kits) every fortnight.

- If you would like to purchase more, please email us at or visit our contact us page and fill in the form.

I am responsible for a large practice or multiple practices, can I place a bigger order?

- Yes you can and we would love to help, please reach out to us at and we can discuss larger orders directly with you.

- Or visit our contact us page and get in touch via the form.

How much is shipping and how much will it cost?

- Shipping will take between 1-3 days.

- All shipping will be free.

Still have questions?

Get in touch with us, via or visit our contact us page.